Men's GX-4 GORE-TEX® Boot

9 Reviews

Breathable. Waterproof. Durable.


This boot features GORE-TEX® lining to ensure ultimate waterproofing and breathability for all seasons.

  • Waterproof leather with ballistic nylon upper
  • Durably waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX® lining
  • Cushioned removable insert
  • Slip resistant rubber outsole
  • Athletic cement construction

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Cement Construction (View all products with this technology)

Similar to athletic/running shoe construction, this method is lightweight and highly flexible.

GORE-TEX® (View all products with this technology)

Guaranteed to keep you dry. Unequaled combination of waterproofing plus exceptionally breathability

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9 Reviews

22% said Smaller than Expected
11% said Larger than Expected
67% said Sized as Expected

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By Anonymous

These are great boots.
Hi, I helped my 17 yr old grandson purchase these boots a year ago. In that short time he has had his foot run over by a car with them on, was hit by an SUV going 25 mph 4 months later while riding his bike and the boots and he are fine. The damage from the car was just some scraping and scratches on a small patch were his foot was pushed into the concrete. The SUV/bike accident didn't do even scuff the leather. We live in Michigan and as many of you know this has been the worst winter in 30 yrs, sub zero temps, wet deep snow etc. He is also a drummer and wears them to stabilize his feet on his bass pedals and he also walked 40 miles in one day wearing these boots. In this past year the boots have been through Hell and back on his feet and have protected them from getting smashed, soaked, frozen and sore. I actually came to the Bates website to see if they were still available as I don't know how much more punishment this pair can take from him and I wanted to be prepared to get another. These are great boots. Thanks Bates!

Bates' Reply:
This is a heartwarming and awesome review!! We are so happy to hear how well these boots have held up, and how much they have affected your grandson’s day-to-day life. Thanks so so much for this outstanding review!

Product Size Rating: Sized as Expected

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By JoeLex

Great low-cut boot/shoe
I work for a Lexus dealership in south Florida, the type of work I perform is inside the shop and out on the road, changing batteries and tires and other simple job related tasks. In hot sunny days and nasty rainy weather, these shoes have lasted longer than any I have ever owned. Still very comfortable and now a little beat up, I have owned this pair for two years; other shoes would have lasted a year. I am waiting for my next pair to arrive at a local Army Navy store in Boca Raton, just a few more days.... can't wait for my new ones!! :-) By the way, I have orthopedic inserts on these shoes and they're still perfectly balanced and fit great! Joe G. SoFLA

Product Size Rating: Sized as Expected

How do you most use this product?: work

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Good All-Season Boot
I'm on my third pair of GX-4 boots. I have worn these in foot pursuits, climbing fences and kicking down doors. They are lightweight, comfortable and require no break-in. The GX-4 with Gore-Tex is all-season duty footwear that does everything well...not great but good. It does have to make some compromises as a quarter-boot. It repels rain reasonably well and still lets your feet breathe. In extreme temps they may not be the best performer. In very hot, humid weather your feet will get sweaty and funky and on below-zero nights your toes will get frosty. The outsole is soft and comfortable and has disc-like treads that grip surprisingly well on gravel, snow and ice. The sole does wear out more quickly than a Vibram sole however. (Expect to get about 14 months to 2 years out of these boots.) I love the durable rubberized spine and heel. It does a great job of protecting you from the filthy floor-boards of police vehicles. There is no protective toe-cap but the front bumper does a good job of protecting your toes. Overall its a good boot and I hope Bates keeps this model around awhile.

Bates' Reply:
Thank you for your great review from a person who has logged many heavy-duty miles in these GX-4 Boots. We are so glad you find these to be very comfortable and durable while putting them to the test with climbing fences and kicking down doors. We will be passing along your input about the soles to our Product Development team.

Product Size Rating: Sized as Expected

How do you most use this product?: On-duty. In uniform or plain-clothes.

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