Men's DuraShocks® High Gloss Oxford

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Comfortable. Guaranteed. Breathable.


High gloss oxford dress shoe with Bates DuraShocks® 30-day comfort guarantee technology.

  • High gloss (Corofram) upper
  • Breathable lining
  • Cushioned removable insert
  • Bates DuraShocks® shock absorbing comfort technology
  • Slip resistant outsole
  • Goodyear welt construction
  • Made in the USA

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Men's High Gloss DuraShocks® Oxford

Men's High Gloss DuraShocks® Oxford
  • High Gloss Upper
  • DuraShocks® Outsole

Women's High Gloss DuraShocks® Oxford

Women's High Gloss DuraShocks® Oxford
  • Women's
  • High Gloss Upper
  • DuraShocks® Outsole

Men's Bates Lites Black High Gloss Oxford

Men's Bates Lites Black High Gloss Oxford
  • High Gloss Upper
  • Bates Lites® Outsole

DuraShocks (View all products with this technology)

Our patented, lightweight energy-returning outsoles feature built-in compression pads in the heel and forefoot that diffuse the impact of every step reducing shock to the feet and legs. Complete with a 30 day guarantee.

Goodyear Welt Construction (View all products with this technology)

The upper and insole are chain stitched to a leather strip (the welt) which is then stitched to the outsole.

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By Matthew

Is there a way to do negative 5 stars?
I can’t allow these shoes with a shelf life to go without a review. I am a military veteran and a 13 year veteran of a police department in a major U.S. city. I wear my dress uniform for formal functions and funerals. Needless to say I do not get all dressed up very often. I purchased a pair of Bates High Gloss Oxfords a few years ago. I have probably worn them 5 times. This morning was a function at my daughter’s school honoring community leaders. I was invited and asked to wear my uniform. To best represent the department I decided to wear my dress blues, brass buttons and all. I got up a little early to make sure everything was perfect and my military/police training kicked in as I dusted, clipped loose strings, and took a damp rag to the Bates to make sure they were extra glossy. After about a 15 minute drive to my daughter’s school I stepped out of the truck and felt my heel sink. I looked down and discovered that a large portion of the heel had just fallen off of the Bates. Not only had the heel fallen off but the soles were completely disintegrating on both shoes. The tops of the shoes had also split from left to right all the way across. They looked perfectly fine when I left the house, and now they were looking like they were 100 years old. I had only worn them 5 times, and they were stored inside on a shoe rack in my closet. How could have this happened? There were small pieces and black dust from the Bates on my floorboard from the drive over! I had a decision to make. These shoes were completely unacceptable and my daughter was waiting inside. I decided to just go in and hope nobody noticed. Who looks at feet anyways? With every step the Bates left a trail of black rubber dust and chunks. The school had cleaned the floors and polished everything for the day’s events and everywhere I walked left a trail from the Bates. Just after the first ceremony there was a break for breakfast. I was too embarrassed with the bates to continue wearing them and as things were going they would have fallen apart down to my socks If I pushed them much farther. I took the 30 min breakfast to rush home and put on a real pair of boots that had a decent shine to them. I will never buy another pair of these worthless shoes. I got very little use out of them, and they completely fell apart like they were built from sand. How Bates can charge $154 for a pair of these $10 at best value throw away, sad excuse for shoes should be criminal. I am just glad that I wasn’t at a lengthy funeral for a fallen brother/sister, or an awards ceremony. I will never buy another Bates product after this experience no matter how good their other products may be. I would rather pay double for another shoe than give another dollar to a company that puts out this grossly subpar product to military, police, fire, etc…. I will spread the word within my department, and wherever else I reach. I created an account and took photos specifically to put this warning in here.

Bates' Reply:
We are so sorry to hear about the embarrassing way our shoes failed you. We will be in contact very soon to address this issue.

Product Size Rating: Sized as Expected

How do you most use this product?: Never again! Promise me if you read this review you won't buy this product

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