Wet weather is here, and hot weather is coming soon. Bates is your one stop shop for footwear to keep you cool and dry throughout the hot and humid summer months. We know that wet and sweaty feet are the last thing that officers and military men and women need when they are called to be on their feet all day. That is why we have worked hard to provide an innovative line of boots that specialize in doing just that…staying dry and cool!

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Charge – The first thing you’ll notice when picking up the Charge is the weight. We’ve created an athletic, tenacious, and breathable boot for all day comfort. The Charge also boasts the new EMX technology. Inside the heel of the boot is a patented memory foam cup that form fits to your foot every time you put the boots on!

Special Response Tactical – A new generation of footwear for public service professionals. The SRT boots are the lightest pair to date for Bates. These lightweight boots are as eager to attack the job as you are.

Bates Shock – Breathable waterproof footwear used to sound like a contradiction, not any more. The Bates Shock provides you with a waterproof membrane up to ankle height to protect from water and give your feet the breathability they need. The Shock also delivers the 4 part EPS technology, providing you with anti-fatigue footwear for all day work.

Velocitor – In the Velocitor, Bates provides another innovative product that is waterproof yet lightweight and versatile. The Velocitor design enhances comfort and flexibility while providing support and a waterproof membrane.

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These four boots are paving the way for Bates to set the standard in lightweight, waterproof, and breathable footwear. Bates has your back this spring and summer!

Get all four boots now at: batesfootwear.com

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