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To celebrate National Dog Day on Wednesday, August 26, Bates launched a new product to honor K9 officers, working dogs, and family dogs everywhere; the Thin Blue Line K9 Collar. The collar is free with any $50+ order on batesfootwear.com for a limited time, but can also be purchased separately for $15 each here.

From the start, Bates has supported the men and women in uniform who put it all on the line to protect and serve – law enforcement, firefighters, EMS, military and more – and 135 years later, we stay true to that promise. So for National Dog Day, we found it appropriate to honor our K9 counterparts and working dogs who also risk their lives day in and day out to protect and serve their communities, their state, their nation.

We reached out to our K9 officer brand ambassadors to ask them what makes being a K9 unit so special, and what that bond between dog and human is like. Their answers did not disappoint! Scroll down for photos and quotes from the K9 handler. Thank you for your service!

K9 Tanner

K9 Tanner (@sar_k9tanner on Instagram)
Columbus, Ohio
3-year-old Yellow Labrador
Search and rescue

“Tanner was bred to work. If he could drive himself to searches, he would. He 100% trusts me and I trust him. I like to think trust is his way of showing that he loves me too. I wouldn’t trade him for the world.”


K9 Charley

K9 Charley (@k9_charley on Instagram)
Freehold, New Jersey
6-year-old Black English Labrador Retriever
Single-purpose explosive detection

“The relationship between my partner and I is like no other. It’s truly like working with your best friend but better! Every day I learn something new about Charley. Charley means the world to me, and any handler will tell you the same. Being a K9 handler is honestly the greatest profession in the world. Every day thousands of people rely on us as a team to deter and detect terrorist threats by searching for explosives. It’s really rewarding.”


K9 Riley

K9 Riley (@k9_riley_ on Instagram)
Modesto, California
4 year old Nova Scotia Duck Toller
Narcotics, firearms, and ammunition detection

“Riley is with me 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. He’s my set of eyes watching my back at all times while we’re in the car. He finds firearms and drugs in the smallest of places you could think of. He prevents future crimes from happening while being proactive with his nose. He keeps me safe, and he keeps our community safe.”


K9 Mattis

K9 Mattis
Chula Vista, California
1.5 year old Belgian Malinois
Patrol apprehension and article search

“There’s no greater bond than an officer and their furry partner. They always have your back and will gladly throw themselves in the face of danger in return for a little love. Other officers look to you as a beacon of hope on an intense call, so it’s imperative I make sure we’re both on point tactically, physically, and mentally. A lot of people refer to them merely as tools, but tools don’t breathe, smile, or lick your face after a bad call. It’s literally the best job in the world.”



K9 Loki

K9 Loki (@kcso_k9_loki on Instagram)
Kent County, Maryland
3 year old Yellow Lab
Tracking and narcotics

“The dog is the greatest partner you can have. We learn each other’s routines, but we also learn from each other. Our favorite quote is “Train hard and train often” and “Trust your dog.”


K9 Woody

K9 Woody (@k9_woody on Instagram)
Wildwood, New Jersey
2.5 year old German Shepherd/Malinois Mix
Patrol and narcotics

“Fur missile. A bond like no other. My protector. A nose knows what a nose knows. For myself, just being able to be a part of the canine unit itself is a blessing. To have a tool capable of doing what a dog does is absolutely incredible. Once you have the dog for a couple weeks you don’t realize that bond that you created with the dog – they become your best friend.”

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