Bates Footwear has a long history with military and law enforcement. When the brand decided to promote its PowerSports line of boots with a social media giveaway, Bates wanted to find a way to honor those who have served their country.

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The rules were simple- In order to win a pair of 2016 PowerSports boots, participants on Facebook and Instagram had to share why they were grateful for an active military or law enforcement officer in their lives. The response was overwhelming, with almost one hundred comments on Facebook alone. We would like to share a few of our favorite stories from two of our winner’s.

Our first winner was Jillian Fanning from Norco, California. Jillian shared her family’s history in the military and her gratitude for them.

“In my family, many have served our country. My grandfather in WW2 with his two brothers, one of whom gave his life for his country, to my other grandfather in Germany. Currently, one of my cousins is an active reserve in the Marines and is in SWAT, while my other cousin was a sniper in Black Hawk Down. A very deep thread of respect for our service men and women runs through our family, but it is a choice we make to honor them in our lives and actions every day that that shows the true colors of our hearts!”

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The next winner was Robert Arnold from Pennsylvania. Robert told Bates about his father and his long history in the military service.

“My father has always been my hero! In June 1945 he enlisted in the Navy when he was 17, at the end of WWII. He was a SeaBee. When his hitch in the Navy ended he tried to get into college, but didn’t have enough points so he enlisted in the Army. He was accepted to Penn State, but before graduation was called back to the Army during Korea. Once he returned to Penn State and he went through ROTC and received his commissioned. He went on to fly helicopters, then to fly planes and everything from single engine fighters, to boxcars to jets. He retired from the reserves in 1974 as a Major. He was also a phenomenal Forester and had a positive impact on the forests of Pennsylvania. He passed away in 2012. He served his country from June 1944 till 1974. He will always be my hero and is the reason why I hold our Veterans in the highest regards. The sacrifices they make we can never repay them for!! GOD Bless our Veterans!”

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Thank you to Jillian and Robert for sharing with us! We appreciate your family’s service to our country and we hope you are both enjoying your new boots! Stay tuned for more great stories from our next round of winners!

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