The Bates PD team is continually working to provide innovative technologies for those that are wearing our boots and are on their feet all day. These technical developments are what pushes us past our competitors and what sets us apart. Each technology is designed to provide all day comfort, enhanced support, and energy return for those long shifts or work days. We’ve broken it down into our three top technologies to address the benefits of each along with the products that are available in each category.

EMX – The EMX Technology offers our patent pending memory foam heel cup. The memory foam in the heel is a monumental change that our PD team created to provide the customized fit every time the boot is laced up. This heel cup provides all day comfort and performance while giving you an athletic and stabilizing fit. The EMX technology is currently available in the Charge and Charge 6 boots.

EMX call out shot

iCS – The iCS Technology provides customizable comfort. The individual comfort system is an adjustable disk under the insert that is used to customize comfort among four zones. Zone F (firm zone) select this for an increase of energy return. Zone C (cushion zone) select this for an increase in shock absorption. The outward zone helps to offset a natural outward walking motion, as the inward zone helps to offset the natural inward walking motion, both helping to make your gait more neutral and stable. The iCS technology is currently available in our Men’s and Women’s Delta boots.

iCS Tech Image

EPS – The EPS technology brings you anti-fatigue footwear while delivering the comfort and durability you need. The four-part technology is broken into a dual density footbed, a dual density EVA midsole, the insole, and the durable rubber outsole. All four combine to provide all day comfort for those who are constantly on their feet. The EPS technology is currently available in the Bates Shock, along with our Cobra boots.

EPS Tech

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