It’s that time again, we’re putting the spotlight on another Bates Brigade member! We sat down with the man behind the voice, professional MC and all around good time Dumptruck Stroupe. Stroupe shared with us his time in the navy and his first time on a motorcycle growing up in the Louisiana swamp!

Dumptruck 3

“I’m a Navy Veteran who served for 3 years, and 2 of those years aboard the USS Fitzgerald DDG 62, as an E-3 A-Ganger Fireman, small boats engineer, and team leader for the primary fire party.”

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“I spent time executing small boat ops in the Persian Gulf under the 5th Fleet & Post 9/11 ops of the NWP coast. I still remember going to the boot issue room in boot camp and seeing the Bates logo for the first time. We put those those boots through hell and they came back needing no more than a fresh water soak to shake off the salt. I loved those boots.”

“I’ve had a love for motorcycles ever since I can remember riding through the Louisiana swamp on the tank of a Yamaha dirt bike. I finally got my hands on a GSXR 750 that I shared with a sailor from a different ship while I was in service in San Diego. After making all of the bad decisions on that thing I could, it was time to trade in city shenanigans for the wild open road life. I was without a motorcycle for about 7 years until I got my first Harley. I still ride that ’89 Sportster today. We’ve been together for 10 years now and have been in love coast to coast and border to border.”

Dumptruck 2

“Almost 15 years after service I’ve found a new love for the Bates brand. As a daily rider their PowerSports line keeps me safe with a style I’m accustomed to. Whether I’m rocking the Tasers that look more like a skate shoe than anything else, or the Made in the USA Bombers that have an obvious military heritage, I’m always prepared for what the road has to offer. Couldn’t be more proud to be a member of the Bates Brigade.”

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Thank you Dumptruck, for your service and sharing your story with us! We look forward to a fun and exciting year with you on the Bates Brigade. To shop our full line of PowerSports Boots, click the link below!

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