Bates Boots have been a staple for those serving in the military and law enforcement for over 100 years. Most men and women receive their first pair of Bates Boots as part of their training uniform and trust the boots to get them through long hours, while keeping them protected from all of the elements. Today, Bates is proud to provide that same level of comfort and protection to motorcycle riders, with the Bomber and Freedom from the 2017 PowerSports line, proudly made in the USA.

Officer “James” M. served as a United States Marine for 8 years and is currently a Motorcycle Police Officer. As an ambassador for the brand, James wanted to share with us his experience with his own Bates Boots.


“I served in the USMC for a total of 8 years. All active duty, no reserve time here! I served over seas a handful of times and still love the Marine “Corps” to this day. Being a Marine provided me with an avenue to fulfill several childhood dreams and I’m grateful for the time I served. I was infantry all 8 years which means that I lived, breathed, and ate nature. Unfortunately at that time I wasn’t wearing a pair of Bates, and I can tell you now, I wish I had them back then!”

“My first pair of Bates Boots was as a rookie police officer in 1994. I wore them for several years before changing them out for a newer pair of Bates, one thing is for sure- those boots sure could take a beating. I was glad to have them on my feet during those early training days.”

“As a rookie police officer, I immediately knew I wanted to become a motorcycle policeman. I loved motorcycles and the specific uniform of a motorcycle officer, right down to the boots they wore. In fact, I wore Bates Black Enforcers for my first few years on the motorcycle, as a training boot. I officially became a motorcycle officer in 2000 and I am lucky enough to still be one today, doing a job I love.”


“Being able to combine my passion for motorcycles with my work has been an amazing experience. I enjoy motorcycles so much that I actually have owned several Harley’s over the years, so I can still ride in my off time. I currently wear the Bates Freedom and Bomber PowerSports boots, I like that they are both fashionable and durable. As a former Marine, I also appreciate the patriotic details on the boots, like the red stitching in honor of the sacrifice made by our military. Past and present, I’m a Bates Boots guy.”


We appreciate your service James and are thrilled to hear that you’re enjoying your newest pair of Bates Boots! Our 2017 PowerSports line is available now, click the link below to get your today!

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