We’re kicking the new year off with a new boot review! This time, influencer Neil Braybrook from Grand Rapids shares his first impression of the 2017 Taser Boot. An avid rider since 2004, Neil has had a number of bikes over the years and currently owns a Kawasaki Z1000, and a Kawasaki Z125. Neil spends his time motovlogging on his popular Youtube channel EN187 and in his free time you can find him organizing group rides and traveling to various motorcycle functions around the United States. When it came time for Neil to purchase a new riding boot that could keep up with his lifestyle, he did his research and decided on the all new Taser. Keep reading to learn about Neil’s entire experience!


“I spent a long time looking online for a boot that not only offered great protection, but also looked stylish. None of the other brands really seemed to offer anything I liked. I wanted something I could ride to work with and work all day in, without it looking like a riding boot. The online reviews for the Bates Taser were very high and the quality looked top notch so I decided to pull the trigger and order a pair to see for myself!”


“When they arrived, I could tell they were worth the investment just by looking at them. The quality of the construction and materials is truly top notch. Seeing them in person made me even more excited in my purchase. The oil and slip resistant soles are a nice touch coupled with the waterproof design, especially for riding in Michigan where you never know what weather will do!


“To my surprise, the Taser’s were very comfortable. I’m very particular about what shoes I wear in terms of comfort or causing pain. The Tasers offer wonderful comfort and padding, as well as great arch support. They feel more like a shoe than a bulky boot and are something you can wear all day on and off the bike and still look stylish. The leather and craftsmanship is on par with what you would expect from a boot of this caliber. The protection in the toes, heels and sides is excellent without being clunky or taking away from their comfort. Riding and bike operation feels just like a regular shoe, but now I have the peace of mind of the protection these provide. The hidden laces are also great! I one time witnessed a rider tip over coming to a stop when his laces got caught on his footpeg preventing him from putting his foot down. It’s all the little details and the quality that sets the Tasers apart.”


“Would I recommend these boots to my followers? I would without a doubt! If you are buying them solely for the looks and protection, you will not be disappointed. If you get a chance to try them on you will probably end up buying them on spot, they’re just that comfortable! You will be hard pressed to find a boot that looks this good, with this level of comfort and quality. I like these Tasers styling so much I could totally see myself getting another pair in other colors! I also like the looks of the Marauder, Bomber and Adrenaline. Who knows what Bates Boots I’ll try next!”


Thank you Neil for that incredible review! We know your Taser’s will take you wherever you need to go in 2018! To purchase your own pair of Taser Boots, click here.

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