The temperatures are dropping and winter is coming! That’s why we thought it would be fitting to give away our waterproof and insulated Bates Crossover boot in our latest social media contest! This time we asked participants to tell us where they lived and why they needed a cold weather boot. Those who submitted a photo of their frosty living conditions had an extra chance to win. This proved to be our most popular contest yet, with over 230 comments! It was difficult to pick the winners among all of the entries, but in the end we were able to narrow it down.


Our first winner was Ray I., out of the Pacific Northwest. Ray, an Army Veteran and a former law enforcement officer, needed a new pair of boots that could hold up to the cold and keep him warm while riding his Harley this winter.

“These boots actually arrived on my 56th birthday! I’ve been riding motorcycles since I graduated high school 37 years ago. I currently ride a 2009 Heritage Softail Classic and I normally ride with whatever heavy work boot I am currently wearing.


“They usually aren’t waterproof and are usually very heavy and hard to break in. Having both ankles fused and some metal still holding me together, makes most boots hurt like hell until I get them broken in.”


“I live in the Pacific Northwest where it rains a good half of the year and so I gave the boots their first test. My garage sits on an incline and the driveway and sidewalk are usually wet – with spots of slick moss. I wore my new boots to push my bike, weighing 800lbs, backwards up into its parking spot. The wet sidewalk and driveway didn’t have any effect on the Crossover’s traction. These boots gripped like an old bulldozer!”


“I have NEVER owned boots that conformed to my feet without feeling like my feet were being crushed or twisted to fit the boot – until now! It usually takes me months to get a comfortable, happy medium that I can live with. Today, I rode for several hours with temps in the 40’s. Usually, my feet will sweat and then freeze with my other boots, but these boots kept my feet warm and dry! My feet didn’t hurt from trying to break them in and within an hour or two, my feet felt like I had a pair of custom made boots on. No pinching, no cramping, no aching, no fighting to get them on or off. I didn’t have to pull the insoles out to get the boots on, nor did I have to add extra insole to make them tighten up. They provide ankle support and foot comfort at the same time! These boots are fantastic! My only advice is that they run a little big, so order a size down and you’ll be set.”

We are thrilled to hear that you’re loving your boots, Ray, and that they have made it so comfortable for you to ride again!

Our next winner was Carlos N., a first responder from New Jersey. Carlos wrote “We get every type of weather condition you can think of here. My current Bates boots have gone through a lot of punishment this year and I am ready for a new winter pair!”.


Bates always supports those who serve their community and so it was a natural fit to select Carlos as our one of the winners. Carlos received his boots just before another harsh East Coast winter arrived and gave us a few words on what he thinks of the boots so far.

“Thank you Bates for the awesome gift. These new winter Crossover boots are great, comfortable, and look much better in person. Great design and construction all around.”


“I have been an EMT for 19 years and this will be my third pair of Bates. They always keep my feet dry and are my #1 boots for the job. I’m going to break these new boots in the Jersey City way!”

We can’t wait to hear how your new boots perform this winter, Carlos, and we appreciate all of your hard work to help others in need.


Thank you again to Ray and Carlos for participating in our Crossover Boot Contest! To get your own Crossover boots this winter, click here.

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