Outdoorhub “America’s #1 Outdoor News Source” recently wrote a comprehensive review on Bates as a supplier of tactical footwear for both law enforcement and military personnel. They explained that a lot of companies use the word “tactical” to describe their product, but only a few (like Bates) actually produce the real “tactical” products. Here is an example of how they look at the word “tactical” when it refers to footwear:

“Just what are tactical purposes, and what do boots have to do with it? Well, we are going to assume that “tactical” in this sense refers to law enforcement, security or military- situations that require quality footwear designed around the unique needs of the person wearing them.”

This perfectly describes what Bates does on a daily basis – design quality footwear for the unique needs and demands of the person (first responder) wearing them.

Outdoorhub mentioned the following Bates products in their article:

Women’s GX-8 GORE-TEX

Men’s 5” Tactical Sport

They also mention tactical boots that are more like runners, which would be directly connected to our Raide line!

Be sure to head over to Outdoorhub to read the full article here. And thank you to them for the phenomenal write up on Bates!

Outdoor Hub Review for Blog

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