The Bates Raide has seen phenomenal growth and attention since the line’s release earlier this year. The combination of a tactical boot, with the outsole of a running shoe has truly given consumers the perfect marriage of comfort and performance. For these reasons, Bates continues to develop new colorways on this great platform to broaden the use of this boot. The original launch included the Olive Mojave mid, a boot designed to be usable in more situations than your average law enforcement boot. Consumers love the athletic feel and build of this boot, as you can see from this great review:

Sized exactly as expected. Comfortable but good ankle protection. Very light which makes this boot perfect for long walks on trails. Inside support feels much like a good tennis shoe and not a heavy boot. – GaryG (Review from

Building off the success of the Olive Mojave, Bates has recently released two new colors in the mid boot, Dark Cloud and Olive Brown. Both new colors will continue to open the doors to new uses of this boot, including hiking, hunting, and other outdoor activities such as paintball. The new colors also lend themselves to undercover or plain dress officers who are looking for the comfort of tennis shoes without sacrificing the performance that they need in a tactical boot. The Raide boot is specifically built to give you all day comfort and minimize the major shift of the toe drop that most people experience when switching from athletic footwear to their work boots.

The new Raide colors are available now on along with the 4 other boots in the Raide line. Raide mids in black and olive mojave, the waterproof tall with a side zipper, and the hot weather tall with side zipper. The Raide truly is the tactical boot with the sole of a runner!

New Raide mid colors in Olive Brown and Dark Cloud

New Raide mid colors in Olive Brown and Dark Cloud

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