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“My name is Ryan and I work as an explosives detection K9 handler in NYC. I’ve been wearing Bates since I was in the Army almost ten years ago now. However, the one pair that stood out the most is the new Rush Shield. These boots are phenomenal. They are everything I look for in a duty boot. They are lightweight, comfortable, and most importantly, keep my feet dry.

I’ve been wearing these boots for close to a month now, and man have I put them to the test. I’ve worn them in snowstorms, rainstorms, and beautiful sunny days. Typically, my workday consists of doing patrols outside, and a lot of walking and standing around. We all know how wonderful the weather has been the last few weeks (sarcasm). Luckily, that weather was the perfect opportunity to break in the new Rush Shield DRYGuard and torture test them. I purposely walked through puddles of slush, water, and deep snow. I wanted to make sure these boots maintained the Bates standard, and they did.

I’ve had these boots for about a month, and I will honestly continue to buy this style for as long as I need a work boot. They are affordable, durable, and look awesome. I’ve put these boots to the test and they proved worthy!

A lot of you are also probably wondering what they are like out of the box. They are great, and every day that I wear them they get more comfortable. They were never stiff like your typical waterproof/water resistant boot.

If you’re on the fence about this tactical boot, I hope this will help you change your mind. I would highly recommend this pair of boots to anyone. They’ll make a good duty, work, or everyday wear boot.” -Ryan, K9 Handler in New York City


BTSM-E01044-010821-S21-000 (5)

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