The word predictable doesn’t exist for first responders. Every situation presents unforeseen obstacles. Decisions are both calculated and instantaneous, time is measured in milliseconds, and the ability to adapt means all the difference between order and chaos, or safety and danger.

18657The Rush collection is designed specifically for these moments—the ones where response and reaction blur into a single, fluid movement. The shoes combine the best features of a running sneaker and combat boot. And while the original Rush had tactical teams in mind, its features are equally valuable to any first responder.

Introducing The Thin Blue Line and The Thin Red Line, two new colorways to honor the bravest among us, police officers and firefighters.
BTS_Rush_Floating_BlueLow_031120_01The everyday life of police and firefighters is anything but conventional. At any moment, they’re called into action to rescue, protect, and serve. This new collection offers them the essential support they need to make every critical step on the scene.

The challenge was to create a shoe that was both fast, and steady. There was no room for compromises. They are built on a runner foundation with a light, breathable upper that moves as fast as you can think. The wide 4mm rubber outsole features directional lugs to keep your feet planted firm, without compromising flexibility. And coming in at just 13 oz, you’ll never know you’re wearing tactical grade footwear.
BTS_Rush_Floating_RedLow_031120_01 With every call and every scene presenting unexpected challenges, every step can mean the difference between danger and success. So when you need to move fast, wear Rush. The first choice of first responders.

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