Do you ever feel overwhelmed by all the great footwear options available on From waterproof, to safety toe, to the amazing technology stories, Bates has you covered in all areas. We are here to help you find some of our stand out products with the help of our Director of Product Development Eric Fracassi. He has chosen three areas to highlight in this edition of “PD Picks” the Raide, GX platform, and our patented EMX technology. Check below for his quotes on why he feels these products continue to rise to any occasion!


“The Raide is the most comfortable boot in our line! If fits like a lightweight, athletic shoe, which means it’s great for those long days on the job.”


GX Platform

“The GX-8 is my first choice for durability and protection – it’s totally amped up and ready for duty! I like that it perfectly combines waterproof leather and all day breathability.”


EMX Technology

“EMX technology means you get a custom fit every time you put them on your feet! The memory foam construction wraps around your heel and conforms to the shape of your foot.”

Rage one sheet

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