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Cole and Kelly Hoyer are officers with the Grand Rapids Police Dept. in West Michigan. After months of planning, on Saturday, May 30th 2020, the two got married. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, their large dream wedding had to be pared down to an intimate gathering with immediate family in their backyard. It wasn’t what they had in mind after months of planning, but it was enough.

On their wedding night, protests and rioting began to pop up in cities all over the country – and in Grand Rapids where they work. The majority of their wedding party – their close friends and family – are also police officers and were called to report to duty that night shortly after the wedding ceremony. Cole and Kelly reported for duty together the following day.

They enjoyed 18 short hours of wedding bliss and then it was back to serving their community. This type of sacrifice often goes unnoticed. It can be thankless work. But the call to serve never sleeps – and it doesn’t take time off.

Thank you to you both, Cole and Kelly, for stepping up to serve your community when it needed you most. Congratulations on your marriage and stay safe!

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