Bates strives to provide our consumers with the best and most technology advanced products. We also understand your specific needs and desired performance for your everyday tactical, law enforcement, and military footwear. That is why we are taking the time to answer some of your most frequently asked questions. We researched the web along with our social media platforms and compiled a list of the things that you ask most about Bates footwear. Check below for our answers and some links to the footwear that answer some of your questions!

Q: Where can I buy Bates boots?
A: Bates boots are sold directly from You can also use this website to find the retail store closest to you! Use this LINK to go to our “Find A Store” page.

Q: Can you polish Bates boots?
A: Head to and click on the ACCESSORIES tab at the top. From here, click on “Shoe Care Tips” here you will find a detailed breakdown on how to care for and polish your boots!

Q: Are Bates boots waterproof?
A: Bates offers a wide variety of waterproof boots. Go to and click on the Men or Women tab, from here, select “Waterproof” under the Comfort/Safety section. You will find an entire page of waterproof options!

Q: Are Bates boots made in the USA?
A: Bates is proud to offer some made in the USA products, and it is very easy to find on our website! Once on our homepage, click on the Men or Women’s tab, and scroll down to find “Made in USA“.

Q: Are Bates boots slip resistant/Durashocks/Vibram/GORE-TEX? (Few questions combined)
A: We are very proud of the technology and special features that go into the making of our footwear. On each product page, you can scroll to the bottom to see which technologies are in each specific boot. You can also search for these specifically using our SEARCH box in the top right corner of our website.

Q: Are Bates boots good for hiking/being on your feet all day?
A: Bates has excellent options for footwear if you plan on taking a hike, or if you work on your feet all day long. For example, head to the BATES FX page on our website and take a look at all the great reviews this boot has about working 12 hour shifts, walking 10+ miles, and being on your feet all day long!

Q: Do Bates boots run true to size?
A: When picking out your boots and adding them to your cart, you will need to open up the size option on the product page. When doing this, there will be a percentage at the bottom of that pop up that tells you what percentage of customers believe this boot runs true to size. You will also see a size chart available.

Q: Who owns Bates boots?
A: Bates is owned by our parent company Wolverine Worldwide. Click HERE to visit the Wolverine Worldwide website.

Hopefully this helped you answer some of your most thought about questions about Bates footwear. Be sure to visit our website and explore to learn even more!

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