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Bates continues to push the boundaries on comfortable, durable, technology driven footwear. Newest to the line is our GX-8 Waterproof Composite Toe Side-Zip boot. This boot partners everything that you already love about our GX series (our best selling boot on with a new Nubuck coyote colored leather, and the waterproof and comp toe protection! This boot is the perfect go to for any task that involves extra protection and comfort. Along with the Nubuck leather and 1680 Denier Ballistic nylon, this new boot boasts a moisture wicking lining, cushioned removable insert, YKK side zipper, non metallic composite toe, and a lightweight cushioned EVA midsole to deliver flexibility and performance! Whatever the job, the Coyote GX-8 boot is ready to get it done. Get it now at!





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You Ask, We Answer! Fri, 06 Apr 2018 18:43:42 +0000 Eric Nuechterlein No featured Image configured Read More]]>

Bates strives to provide our consumers with the best and most technology advanced products. We also understand your specific needs and desired performance for your everyday tactical, law enforcement, and military footwear. That is why we are taking the time to answer some of your most frequently asked questions. We researched the web along with our social media platforms and compiled a list of the things that you ask most about Bates footwear. Check below for our answers and some links to the footwear that answer some of your questions!

Q: Where can I buy Bates boots?
A: Bates boots are sold directly from You can also use this website to find the retail store closest to you! Use this LINK to go to our “Find A Store” page.

Q: Can you polish Bates boots?
A: Head to and click on the ACCESSORIES tab at the top. From here, click on “Shoe Care Tips” here you will find a detailed breakdown on how to care for and polish your boots!

Q: Are Bates boots waterproof?
A: Bates offers a wide variety of waterproof boots. Go to and click on the Men or Women tab, from here, select “Waterproof” under the Comfort/Safety section. You will find an entire page of waterproof options!

Q: Are Bates boots made in the USA?
A: Bates is proud to offer some made in the USA products, and it is very easy to find on our website! Once on our homepage, click on the Men or Women’s tab, and scroll down to find “Made in USA“.

Q: Are Bates boots slip resistant/Durashocks/Vibram/GORE-TEX? (Few questions combined)
A: We are very proud of the technology and special features that go into the making of our footwear. On each product page, you can scroll to the bottom to see which technologies are in each specific boot. You can also search for these specifically using our SEARCH box in the top right corner of our website.

Q: Are Bates boots good for hiking/being on your feet all day?
A: Bates has excellent options for footwear if you plan on taking a hike, or if you work on your feet all day long. For example, head to the BATES FX page on our website and take a look at all the great reviews this boot has about working 12 hour shifts, walking 10+ miles, and being on your feet all day long!

Q: Do Bates boots run true to size?
A: When picking out your boots and adding them to your cart, you will need to open up the size option on the product page. When doing this, there will be a percentage at the bottom of that pop up that tells you what percentage of customers believe this boot runs true to size. You will also see a size chart available.

Q: Who owns Bates boots?
A: Bates is owned by our parent company Wolverine Worldwide. Click HERE to visit the Wolverine Worldwide website.

Hopefully this helped you answer some of your most thought about questions about Bates footwear. Be sure to visit our website and explore to learn even more!

FAQ blog

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Bates boots in the bright lights! Fri, 16 Mar 2018 15:43:54 +0000 Eric Nuechterlein No featured Image configured Read More]]>

Bates has found a second home in Hollywood. Thanks to huge industry players like Ryan Gosling, Jon Bernthal, and Dwayne Johnson the Bates brand can be seen in major motion pictures and tv shows. Ryan Gosling wore the Bates Shock in the critically acclaimed and Oscar winning film “Blade Runner 2049”. Jon Bernthal seems to have taken a real liking to the product, as he can be seen wearing the Bates Tactical Sport boot in the long running series “The Walking Dead”. He also sports the Bates Zero Mass boot in his current Netflix drama “The Punisher”. Dwayne Johnson dons the Bates Tactical Sport in his high-octane action thriller “San Andreas”. Other products seen in the below images: Woman’s Tactical Sport, GX-8, Ranger II. Other actors seen below: Priyanka Chopra, Jake McLaughlin, Daniel Webber, Adam Sandler, Josh Gad. As the brand continues to grow, keep your eyes open for our screen ready boots in upcoming films and shows!

Check below for some images of our boots in film!

Ryan Gosling wearing the Bates Shock in "Blade Runner 2049" Photo by Stephen Vaughan - © 2017 Alcon Entertainment, LLC.)

Ryan Gosling wearing the Bates Shock in “Blade Runner 2049”
Photo by Stephen Vaughan – © 2017 Alcon Entertainment, LLC.)

Jon Bernthal wearing the Tactical Sport in "The Walking Dead" Photo by Gene Page - © AMC 2011

Jon Bernthal wearing the Tactical Sport in “The Walking Dead”
Photo by Gene Page – © AMC 2011

Jon Bernthal wearing the Bates Zero Mass in "The Punisher"

Jon Bernthal wearing the Bates Zero Mass in “The Punisher”

Daniel Webber wearing the Bates Ranger II boot in "The Punisher"

Daniel Webber wearing the Bates Ranger II boot in “The Punisher”

Dwayne Johnson wearing the Bates Tactical Sport in "San Andreas" Photo by Jasin Boland - © 2014 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc., WV Films IV LLC and Ratpac-Dune Entertainment LLC—U.S., Canada, Bahamas & Bermuda

Dwayne Johnson wearing the Bates Tactical Sport in “San Andreas”
Photo by Jasin Boland – © 2014 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc., WV Films IV LLC and Ratpac-Dune Entertainment LLC—U.S., Canada, Bahamas & Bermuda

Priyanka Chopra wearing the Bates Tactical Sport and Jake McLaughlin wearing the GX-8 in "Quantico" Photo by Giovanni Rufino/ABC - © 2016 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. All rights reserved.

Priyanka Chopra wearing the Bates Tactical Sport and Jake McLaughlin wearing the GX-8 in “Quantico”
Photo by Giovanni Rufino/ABC – © 2016 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. All rights reserved.

Adam Sandler and Josh Gad wearing the Bates Tactical Sport in "Pixels" © 2015 CTMG, Inc. All Rights Reserved. **ALL IMAGES ARE PROPERTY OF SONY PICTURES ENTERTAINMENT INC. FOR PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY

Adam Sandler and Josh Gad wearing the Bates Tactical Sport in “Pixels”

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Bates Release Raide and Siege Lines Mon, 05 Mar 2018 20:21:35 +0000 Eric Nuechterlein No featured Image configured Read More]]>

Our law enforcement consumer is continuing to evolve. New officers and security personnel are demanding lightweight, athletic footwear. They want their on-the-job footwear to match what they are wearing to and from work. Bates is dedicated to providing this new type of footwear to our loyal consumers. We have launched two new lines of boots that provide top of the line comfort, agility, and durability. The Raide and Siege series of boots provide everything that the modern-day officers need for their extremely demanding jobs.

The Bates Raide gives you a dynamic fit with a streamlined, breathable upper pattern. The strobel construction provides a lightweight and extremely flexible fit. The Raide is truly a tactical boot with the sole of a runner! The Raide line offers a boot for every situation. It starts with a tall boot that features waterproof full grain leather and a waterproof membrane, along with a side zip for easy on and off. The line also offers 3 hot weather options; the first is a tall boot with a side zipper, a great lightweight athletic boot for warm climates. The line also offers two mid options in black and olive mojave colorways.

Bates Raide Line

Bates Raide Line

The Bates Siege provides you the same athletic and lightweight performance, in a more classic styled boot. The athletic fit and lightweight midsole are designed to return energy on every step. The Siege offers two waterproof options, one in a tall boot with a side zipper, and one in a mid-version. Both options built with waterproof leather and a waterproof membrane. The third offering is a tall hot weather boot. One of the lightest boots in the line, this boot is an extremely comfortable hot weather option!

Bates Siege Line

Bates Siege Line

Bates Director of Product Development Eric Fracassi talks about the boot evolution: “As the consumer’s needs evolve, our Brand’s product has evolved…we are proud of the new lines of uniform footwear that offer top of the line comfort and durability.”

The Raide and Siege product lines are both available now at!

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Bates GX-8 Boot Review – Motorcycle Fri, 12 Jan 2018 20:09:29 +0000 Eric Nuechterlein No featured Image configured Read More]]>

Thank you to Tricia Szulewski for her excellent review of the Bates GX-8 boot in American Iron Magazine! The below image shows the excerpt from the magazine, and the text below is what Tricia wrote to American Iron. We are very grateful for her review and more than happy that they stood up to her test. As she referred to them as “Crash-tested tactical footwear”!



Bates GX-8 Boot (Crash-tested tactical footwear)
After more than 18 years of writing about motorcycle gear, I’m finally able to write a real crash-tested product review. After an unfortunate incident involving a wet road, tar patch, and a little too much lean angle, I am here to tell you that abiding by ATGATT (All The Gear All The Time) is how I walked away from a crash and 40-foot slide with no more
than a bruise on my bum. The footwear I chose to wear that fateful day were Bates GX-8 tactical boots.

I prefer to wear motorcycle-specific gear that provides the most protection for riding, but I’d heard from many people that Bates boots are extremely comfortable for both riding
and walking. As a Motorcycle Safety Foundation RiderCoach, I spend most weekends in a hot parking lot for 8 to 10 hours from April to October (our teaching season in Connecticut), which is where I’d been riding home from the day I crashed. I’d wear comfy sandals to teach if I could, but I have to jump on the motorcycles to provide
riding demos to the students, so I have no choice but to wear boots. Finding boots that are comfortable for this kind of foot abuse is a challenge for all coaches.

Bates offers several styles for men, but a practical women’s motorcycle boot is essentially nonexistent, so I decided to try out the GX- 8, which is also offered in men’s sizing. The features I will not sacrifice in a boot I plan to use for motorcycling include ankle protection, abrasion resistance, slip resistance, and a reinforced toe area that will withstand abuse from shift pegs. The tactical GX-8 met all these needs and more, so I felt confident enough to wear them while riding.

The boots’ waterproof leather, nylon upper, and moisture-wicking GORE-TEX lining keep your feet dry in hot or rainy weather. The GX-8 measures 8″ high and has a full-length
nylon zipper, making them easy to get on and off. The boot laces can then be tightened for a perfect fit. A small Velcro tab at the top of the zipper prevents the pull from scratching your motorcycle or catching your pant leg. Weighing less than 1-1/2 pounds each, the super light boots feel more like slippers. A removable insert provides
the right amount of arch support and cushion that makes these boots extraordinarily comfortable, even after standing in them all day long.

After carefully inspecting all the gear I was wearing during my crash, I was relieved to find that the GX-8 boots were barely affected. There’s a small scuff in the left toe area and a couple of the plastic lace tabs were scraped up, but they’re still functional. It may take a while for me to wear out these boots, but I may consider one of Bates’ men’s
motorcycle styles next. The motorcycle specific boots are made with impact absorbing foam, called PORON XRD, around the ankle that hardens on impact. Should my next crash be more
serious than sliding on pavement, I’d want this type of protection. AIM

Make sure to visit the American Iron website to get more info on these boots and other great riding information. Thanks again to Tricia for the great review!

Get your own pair of the best selling Bates GX-8 tactical boot here.

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Bates Taser Review Wed, 03 Jan 2018 18:38:49 +0000 Eric Nuechterlein No featured Image configured Read More]]>

We’re kicking the new year off with a new boot review! This time, influencer Neil Braybrook from Grand Rapids shares his first impression of the 2017 Taser Boot. An avid rider since 2004, Neil has had a number of bikes over the years and currently owns a Kawasaki Z1000, and a Kawasaki Z125. Neil spends his time motovlogging on his popular Youtube channel EN187 and in his free time you can find him organizing group rides and traveling to various motorcycle functions around the United States. When it came time for Neil to purchase a new riding boot that could keep up with his lifestyle, he did his research and decided on the all new Taser. Keep reading to learn about Neil’s entire experience!


“I spent a long time looking online for a boot that not only offered great protection, but also looked stylish. None of the other brands really seemed to offer anything I liked. I wanted something I could ride to work with and work all day in, without it looking like a riding boot. The online reviews for the Bates Taser were very high and the quality looked top notch so I decided to pull the trigger and order a pair to see for myself!”


“When they arrived, I could tell they were worth the investment just by looking at them. The quality of the construction and materials is truly top notch. Seeing them in person made me even more excited in my purchase. The oil and slip resistant soles are a nice touch coupled with the waterproof design, especially for riding in Michigan where you never know what weather will do!


“To my surprise, the Taser’s were very comfortable. I’m very particular about what shoes I wear in terms of comfort or causing pain. The Tasers offer wonderful comfort and padding, as well as great arch support. They feel more like a shoe than a bulky boot and are something you can wear all day on and off the bike and still look stylish. The leather and craftsmanship is on par with what you would expect from a boot of this caliber. The protection in the toes, heels and sides is excellent without being clunky or taking away from their comfort. Riding and bike operation feels just like a regular shoe, but now I have the peace of mind of the protection these provide. The hidden laces are also great! I one time witnessed a rider tip over coming to a stop when his laces got caught on his footpeg preventing him from putting his foot down. It’s all the little details and the quality that sets the Tasers apart.”


“Would I recommend these boots to my followers? I would without a doubt! If you are buying them solely for the looks and protection, you will not be disappointed. If you get a chance to try them on you will probably end up buying them on spot, they’re just that comfortable! You will be hard pressed to find a boot that looks this good, with this level of comfort and quality. I like these Tasers styling so much I could totally see myself getting another pair in other colors! I also like the looks of the Marauder, Bomber and Adrenaline. Who knows what Bates Boots I’ll try next!”


Thank you Neil for that incredible review! We know your Taser’s will take you wherever you need to go in 2018! To purchase your own pair of Taser Boots, click here.

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Crossover Boot Contest Winner! Fri, 15 Dec 2017 13:44:52 +0000 Eric Nuechterlein No featured Image configured Read More]]>

The temperatures are dropping and winter is coming! That’s why we thought it would be fitting to give away our waterproof and insulated Bates Crossover boot in our latest social media contest! This time we asked participants to tell us where they lived and why they needed a cold weather boot. Those who submitted a photo of their frosty living conditions had an extra chance to win. This proved to be our most popular contest yet, with over 230 comments! It was difficult to pick the winners among all of the entries, but in the end we were able to narrow it down.


Our first winner was Ray I., out of the Pacific Northwest. Ray, an Army Veteran and a former law enforcement officer, needed a new pair of boots that could hold up to the cold and keep him warm while riding his Harley this winter.

“These boots actually arrived on my 56th birthday! I’ve been riding motorcycles since I graduated high school 37 years ago. I currently ride a 2009 Heritage Softail Classic and I normally ride with whatever heavy work boot I am currently wearing.


“They usually aren’t waterproof and are usually very heavy and hard to break in. Having both ankles fused and some metal still holding me together, makes most boots hurt like hell until I get them broken in.”


“I live in the Pacific Northwest where it rains a good half of the year and so I gave the boots their first test. My garage sits on an incline and the driveway and sidewalk are usually wet – with spots of slick moss. I wore my new boots to push my bike, weighing 800lbs, backwards up into its parking spot. The wet sidewalk and driveway didn’t have any effect on the Crossover’s traction. These boots gripped like an old bulldozer!”


“I have NEVER owned boots that conformed to my feet without feeling like my feet were being crushed or twisted to fit the boot – until now! It usually takes me months to get a comfortable, happy medium that I can live with. Today, I rode for several hours with temps in the 40’s. Usually, my feet will sweat and then freeze with my other boots, but these boots kept my feet warm and dry! My feet didn’t hurt from trying to break them in and within an hour or two, my feet felt like I had a pair of custom made boots on. No pinching, no cramping, no aching, no fighting to get them on or off. I didn’t have to pull the insoles out to get the boots on, nor did I have to add extra insole to make them tighten up. They provide ankle support and foot comfort at the same time! These boots are fantastic! My only advice is that they run a little big, so order a size down and you’ll be set.”

We are thrilled to hear that you’re loving your boots, Ray, and that they have made it so comfortable for you to ride again!

Our next winner was Carlos N., a first responder from New Jersey. Carlos wrote “We get every type of weather condition you can think of here. My current Bates boots have gone through a lot of punishment this year and I am ready for a new winter pair!”.


Bates always supports those who serve their community and so it was a natural fit to select Carlos as our one of the winners. Carlos received his boots just before another harsh East Coast winter arrived and gave us a few words on what he thinks of the boots so far.

“Thank you Bates for the awesome gift. These new winter Crossover boots are great, comfortable, and look much better in person. Great design and construction all around.”


“I have been an EMT for 19 years and this will be my third pair of Bates. They always keep my feet dry and are my #1 boots for the job. I’m going to break these new boots in the Jersey City way!”

We can’t wait to hear how your new boots perform this winter, Carlos, and we appreciate all of your hard work to help others in need.


Thank you again to Ray and Carlos for participating in our Crossover Boot Contest! To get your own Crossover boots this winter, click here.

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Kevin Hagerty of MotoQuest Reviews the Adrenaline Boot Tue, 07 Nov 2017 20:45:30 +0000 Eric Nuechterlein No featured Image configured Read More]]>

Kevin Hagerty is no stranger to adventure. As one of the founders of the motorcycle tours and rentals company MotoQuest, Hagerty has led numerous two-wheeled excursions around the world. When he isn’t leading a group through the Alaskan wilderness, he’s riding around Southern California on his BMW R 1200 GS. Kevin gave us his thoughts on the Adrenaline and what he would like to see next from Bates.


“At first, I was skeptical regarding the worthiness of the Bates Boots in a motorcycle riding environment. As far as the Adrenaline Boots were concerned, I had applied one of the worst principals, and that was contempt prior to investigation.”


“After wearing the Bates Boots on a number of occasions, I find them extremely lightweight and abnormally comfortable. I also liked that they’re waterproof, in case I encounter the occasional rain on my rides.”


While I find them comfortable, attractive and appropriate for street riding on my dual purpose BMW GS, they should not be used for a serious off road excursion, trust me. I would know..”


“That being said, since my experience with the Adrenaline Boot was so positive, I would enjoy seeing a serious off-road offering from Bates- given the workmanship, quality, comfort, and design of these boots. Then I can really put those boots to the MotoQuest test!”


We hear you Kevin and challenge accepted! Thank you for giving us your review!
Get your pair of Adrenaline Boots now by clicking here! For more information on MotoQuest Tours and Rentals, visit their website at

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Contest Winner Daniel McCarthy Reviews the Freedom! Wed, 25 Oct 2017 18:25:53 +0000 Eric Nuechterlein No featured Image configured Read More]]>

We at Bates Boots were eager to find active riders to wear our Made in the USA line of Motorycyle Boots. So we created a social media contest and asked participants on Facebook to share photos of themselves and their rides for a chance to win a pair of 2017 Freedom or Bomber Boots. After looking through plenty of entries, we chose Air Force Veteran Daniel McCarthy out of Arizona! Daniel decided on the Freedom Boot and gave us his honest review!

image 1

“I spent 24 years in the U.S. Air Force, retiring in 2001. I wore a number of boots and shoes during that time and the Bates models were always the most comfortable!”

Image 2

“I got my first motorcycle in 1982 and have owned one motorcycle and two different scooters ever since. My current bike is a 2014 Kymco Myroad 700i. It’s my daily driver and I love it!”

Image 3

“The Bates Freedom boot is a high quality boot and very comfortable. My only design suggestion would be to add a pull up loop on the back of the boot. Other than that, they’re perfect. I’ve worn them for about three weeks now both while riding and as my daily wear to work boot, where I’m on my feet most of the day. I have had a number of positive comments from people I ride with and work with, and everyone seems to really like them. I know I do!”

Image 4

Thank for you for your honest opinion Daniel! We appreciate your service and are happy to see you’re enjoying your new boots.

No matter what you ride, Bates Motorcycle Boots are the perfect option for style, comfort and protection. Only Bates, only the best! Click here to shop our entire line of Motorcycle Boots now!

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Bates Brigade Member Richard Silva Reviews Freedom Boot! Fri, 13 Oct 2017 12:10:59 +0000 Eric Nuechterlein No featured Image configured Read More]]>

We had a chance to catch up with Bates Brigade member and Veteran’s Charity Ride participant Richard Silva after his recent surgery. Richard received a “Welcome to the Brigade” package that included a new pair of our black, Made in the USA, Freedom Boots. He took his new boots and gear out for the first time post-op and gave us his review!

Silva 1

“I was given a pair of the Men’s Bomber boots for the Veterans Charity Ride to Sturgis and was instantly hooked! So when I heard that Bates would be sending me the Freedom Boot to review, I couldn’t wait to try them on.”

“The Freedom is a lower cut boot, but still gives you great ankle support for long walks or standing for long periods of time. The lightweight design is so comfortable, even for us wounded Vets. The water-resistant leather and nylon also allows your feet to stay warm. There was no better way to test the durability of the boots, than at my son’s hockey game.”

Silva 2

“I stood the entire game feeling the Poron XRD® Side Impact Foam kept my feet from hurting and the arches are perfect! The boots both endured an hour long game at 42 degrees and kept me very warm.”

Silva 3

“I’m looking forward to taking my new Freedom boots on the road as soon as I’m cleared to hop on my bike again! Thank you Bates for making such great products and supporting veterans!”

Silva 4

We are so happy to provide Richard with his new boots and will continue to follow him on his journey as a Bates Brigade member. For more information on the Veterans Charity Ride and how to donate to this amazing cause, click here. To get your very own pair of Made in the USA Motorcycle boots click here.

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