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Meet Ashley Cummins

  • Police Officer
  • MMA Fighter
  • Jiu Jitsu
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“I’m really proud of my
profession and I’m proud of
the men and women I work with.
I want people to have positive
interactions with the police.”
Ashley Cummins looking determined, wearing the US flag as a cape.
“There’s been a huge growth with females gaining respect, and that’s awesome to see in the sport.” Ashley Cummins
Top 10 world-ranked MMA fighter

The new Cyren boot was built for women like Ashley,
who bravely step up every day to answer the call.

Kristen Wiertzema holding a boot on a counter.

Built for her from the ground up

“This boot was built from the ground up for females, in partnership with groups of female first responders and the Bates women's collective.

We put premium materials into it to make sure that she has the best-in-class boot available to her.”

Kristen Wiertzema
Product Line Manager
Watch the making of the boot

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