Bates Footwear decided to celebrate the release of their latest Motorcycle Boot, the Adrenaline, by giving away a pair in a special social media contest! Bates asked participants on Facebook to share photos of themselves and their rides for a chance to win a pair of 2017 Adrenaline Boots. Out of all of the entries, one motorcycle and rider stood out- Troy Benson!


Troy submitted a photo of his Suzuki GSX-S 1000F and was chosen among over 28 other entries. Upon receiving his prize, Troy decided to take his new boots on the road and shared with us his experience. Troy took the boots out on his other ride, a 2014 Tiger Explorer XC- for amazing weekend adventure. Check out Troy’s story first hand below!

“First and foremost, a big thank you to everyone at Bates Footwear! After work I checked my phone which showed a message that I had won the “Motorcycle Boot Giveaway” from Bates Footwear and to my surprise, I had in fact won! The order process was simple, contacts were prompt, advice was accurate on the choice that would best suit my needs, and the Adrenaline boots were shipped and arrived exactly as described and advertised upon arrival. Since I was already familiar with Bates sizing prior to the contest the fit was perfect.”

Screen Shot 2017-07-26 at 11.36.35 AM[1]

“No time for break in, just a quick fit, then off on a road trip! I left Ohio on Friday the 14th of July for Missouri, with a return date on Sunday, July 16th. Once packed and off on my journey, I must say, I was somewhat skeptical of the Adrenaline Boot’s performance and protection against the elements, and abuse that I was about to put them through over the next three days.”

missouri 7

“The beginning of my trip was perfect, somewhat of a high humidity, but certainly, good starting conditions. One of the first things I realized, was that I really didn’t notice that I was wearing motorcycle boots any longer…no discomfort, no digging into my legs, and best of all, my feet were not sweating like they normally are at this point. The second stop, which now the high temperatures were pounding on me pretty good, still no discomfort from the boots, my feet were very happy, as was I. They are also quiet, with no irritating noises coming from them as I walked in and out of the store…NICE!!!”

missouri (1)[1]

“Shortly after the third, and final stop before I reached the cabin, and my friends, just outside of Raymondville, Missouri, the temperature dropped and the storms began. This was normal for my rides, but nevertheless not welcomed, nor enjoyed. The rain was steady, sometimes hard, with thick fog blanketing the road as nightfall settled in. I stopped in Salem, Missouri, 34 miles to the cabin, for a quick call to my friends, and a quick direction check…I was well behind schedule due to some traffic setbacks, and weather.”

missouri 6[2]

“After a long search for our cabin in the rain and fog, out in the middle of nowhere (haha), I finally found it. Irritated, hungry, tired, and excited all in the same, I was asked by my friend “how did the new boots hold up in the rain”, I laughed, my feet are dry, honestly, I was surprised, but they were as dry as when I started.”

missouri (2)[5]

“Overall, I am very impressed with the Bates Adrenaline motorcycle boots, they surpassed my expectations…they handled, high temperatures, rain, light off-road duties, spirited twisty riding. I had touched down a couple times, got lazy in the turns, bad body positioning and one can barely tell the scuffs are even there! Most of all, keeping my sweaty feet dry for 1504 miles over three days of fun! I am very pleased, finally, a boot that I can wear with comfort and confidence.”

Thank you Troy for sharing your ride with us and we cannot wait to hear about your next adventure! To get a pair of your own 2017 Adrenaline Boots click here.

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